About Me


My Why

I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Exercise Science. While there I met my wife. Upon graduating we moved to the Northern Columbus area and I began working in the fitness industry. After over a year I decided I wanted to offer my clients more at a better value, so I started my own training business.



My personal fitness journey has been going on for over 6 years. I took pictures in my bathroom the day I started so I could always remember how far I had come. My passion and pursuit to become a professional bodybuilder led me to the realization I can help others. I've been fortunate enough to coach D-1 athletes, high school and middle school athletes, and every day people who just want to feel better.


Get the Results You Want

By combining my personal experience, professional experience, and education, I've been able to help many people accomplish their goals. Quit spinning your wheels with gimmicks and the other nonsense others try to sell as the next best thing. Use tried and true methods backed by an industry professional.